Charlotte is the author of over thirty sexy novels, novellas, and short stories. She writes both contemporary and science fiction romance and erotica, as well as both male/female and menage works.

These steamy romances and erotic stories heat up the pages! Futuristic or contemporary, short or long, Charlotte has something for everyone!

beyondrepair almostreal runtoyou curveball addicted deepdesires powerplay sheltered rawheat everunknown closer giving thehorizon tigerlily waitinginvain

Threesomes, foursomes…Charlotte’s menage books are exponentially hot!

tellingtales control makeme doubled allotherthings guarded reawakening pastpleasures

Short Stories and Anthologies
Bite-sized Charlotte!

SummerRain mammothbookofhotromance thingsthatmakemegivein mammothbookofbestnewerotica